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LED Matrix Blinder

LED matrix blinder



LED matrix blinder 5×5
The 5 x 5 arrangement of the 25 lenses allows countless matrix effects, letters and numbers to be created. Each of the 25 3 W LEDs can be controlled individually via DMX-512. Furthermore, there are great internal automatic programmes, which are also available in master/slave mode (1 x 1, 1 x 2, or 2 x 2 units). All effects can also be triggered by Sound-to-Light.

The lenses with a diameter of 6.3 cm make the effect very high-quality. Cinematographers will enjoy the star or sparkle effect created by this lens size. The LED Matrix Blinder is easy to attach and position using the bracket. Thanks to the M6 internal thread integrated into the frame, several devices can be connected very easily with the supplied bracket.

Light source: 25 3 W LEDs (warm white)
Lens size Ø: 6.3 cm
Control: DMX-512 (1, 4, 26 and 28 channel mode), master/slave, music control
LED display for setting functions
Dimmer: 0-100%, linear
Max. power consumption: 96 W
Dimensions (W x H x D): 450 x 450 x 115 mm
Weight: 10.2 kg

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