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Laidinis mikrofonas Sennheiser E604

Laidinis instrumentinis mikrofonas Sennheiser E604



The e 604 is a cardioid microphone for miking brass and woodwinds
Ideal e.g. for toms, snare, percussion
Polar pattern: cardioid
Frequency range: 40 – 18,000 Hz
Sensitivity: 1.8 mV/Pa @ 1 kHz
Glass-fibre reinforced, robust plastic housing
Insensitive to impact and structure borne sound
Highest sound pressure (160 dB) is transmitted without distortion
Very low inherent noise
Hum-compensating coil
Good positioning due to compact design
Integrated tripod mount
Inlet basket: stainless steel
Dimensions (Ø x L): 33 x 59 mm
Weight without cable: 60 g

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